Sash Windows Tameside Offer Double Glazed Windows

At Sash Windows Tameside we seek to retain the authentic appearance of timber windows when striving to improve their warmth efficiency. Double glazing your windows with Sash Windows Tameside offers sound and draft proof benefits, as well as more convenient for maintenance & energy saving.


Sash Windows Tameside are confident that both our latest or genuine window projects will always retain or place emphasis on the character and charm of your home. Sash Windows Tameside contemporary, double glazed sash windows are so genuine in appearance that they often resemble the original, single paned models. At Sash Windows Tameside we will replace the single glazed original sash with a bespoke, slim, double glazed model.

Double Glazed Sash Windows in Tameside, UK


At Sash Windows Tameside we endeavour to minimise the expenditure of your project by installing new double glazed sashes into your existing window frame, reducing the disruption as well as necessity in redecoration. Double glazing, replacement timbers and more than that, total renovation of frames are a handful of the assorted techniques you can improve your energy saving measures at Sash Windows Tameside. To add a further layer of security to your windows, considering Sash Windows Tameside double glazed models is an ideal spot to begin.

At Sash Windows Tameside we have prepared a whole reange of double glazed windows that will coincide with every trend of property. With current building regulations, you may find that it is impractical to have single glazed windows in your new UK home. At Sash Windows Tameside we grasp the fact that the traditional sash window does not easily convert to a double glazed unit, instead they are single glazed with the glass outwardly and deducted on the inside.

At Sash Windows Tameside, we not only manufacture and carefully change double-glazed sash windows, but also most up-to-date windows with slim, double-glazed units. Sash Windows Tameside use the current building regulations to define appropriate standards for our double glazed windows and related products.

By double glazing your windows with Sash Windows Tameside you can look forward to be delighted with a 30% increase in energy efficiency that in a while bring about a diminished energy costs. At Sash Windows Tameside, our higesht quality double glazed models will carry on keeping property warm in winter but will as well maintain your house cool in winter.